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Citizenship 2.0 Interactive DVD
A Bilingual Overview of United States' History and Government
DVD, approximately 90 minutes

CITIZENSHIP explains the structure of our government at all levels in easy-to-understand terms appropriate for children as well as adults. In addition, it provides a sensitive look at our historical struggle for freedom and independence. Any plan for immigration reform with a path to citizenship will require applicants to speak the English language and pass the new U.S. citizenship exam.

NEW - Citizenship Interactive 2.0

OUR NEW CITIZENSHIP 2.0 IS NOW AVAILABLE IN 29 LANGUAGES INCLUDING: Amharic, Arabic*, Cambodian, Cantonese*, Farsi, French, German, Haitian-Creole*, Hebrew, Hindi*, Hmong, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Mandarin*, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian*, Serbo-Croatian, Somali, Spanish*, Tagalog*, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese* and English Only.

This colorful INTERACTIVE DVD provides all of the answers to the most difficult questions likely to be on the NEW citizenship test! Those with an asterisk* have a choice of subtitle languages on the menu. The others have spoken translation of the difficult words. Any plan for immigration reform will require applicants to speak enough English to pass the citizenship test.

NEW - Citizenship Interactive 2.0 The original Citizenship Interactive DVD was given the U.S. International Silver Screen Award in 2003. This newer, longer version has better visual and audio quality, clearer captions and more content. It is in a wide screen format with three professional narrators.

This is an easy and fun way to study the history and government of the United States. It may be played on any DVD player or on a computer. Short quizzes are interspersed into the video at regular intervals. They are multiple-choice and the learner may choose the answer using a remote or mouse. The wrong choice will automatically take the viewer back to the place in the video where the correct answer will be seen. Then the learner is given another chance to make the right choice.

Expanded wide-screen citizenship 2.0 DVD Includes:
  • The Discovery of the New World
  • The Arrival of the Pilgrims
  • Colonization: The Causes of the Revolutionary War
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • The Constitution…Its Authors and Its Lasting Importance
  • The Powers of the Three Branches of Our Government
  • The Louisiana Purchase
  • The Two Houses of Congress and Election of Members
  • Selective Service
  • The Shame of Slavery and Emancipation
  • The Civil War and Lincoln’s Assassination
  • The Size and location of the United States
  • The Requirements for Public Office at the Federal Level
  • The Electoral College and How It Works
  • Cabinet Members
  • Income Tax
  • The History of the Flag and its Meaning
  • State and Local Government
  • World Wars I and II
  • The Bill of Rights
  • Korea and Vietnam
  • Martin Luther King
  • The Tragedy of 9-11

Award logo

Citizenship DVD. California Language Lab's "Citizenship Interactive" DVD won the prestigious international Silver Screen Award June 6 in the education category! The U.S. International Film and Video Festival bestows Silver Screen Awards for "outstanding creativity in the production of audiovisual communications in international competition." In its 36th year, the annual festival is "devoted to the judging, selection and recognition of business, television, documentary, industrial and educational productions." Citizenship Interactive was also awarded a Certificate of Creative Excellence in the catagory called Interactive Mixed Media! In addition to the film awards, CLL's video phrasebook won three Certificates of Creative Excellence.

To hear audio clips from the video "Citizenship", click on the language below. Click AIFF for MAC and WAV for Windows.

"The articles of confederation
were agreed upon during the war."
"The constitution created
the office of president."

"In the past, the 13 colonies of
our nation belonged to England."


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